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New York Times Feature: Miss GEICO Wins World Championship in Key West, FL

“Racing Powerboats for the Love of Speed and Spray” By MICHAEL BRICK

“My Way” Ties Official Course Record

Queen of the water! AMF/Miss GEICO’s trophy case now displays championship cups.

Team Miss MaryMac Will Be Racing Again This Season!

The Southern Maryland Rebel Racing Team returns!

South Florida Boating: Smoke On the Water

Real jet boats, which use turbine engines, can make you feel like you’re flying across the water.

Nordic Boating Magazine: Bat Magasin – Turbine Marine in Norway

A cool article from a cool climate.

Extreme Boats Magazine: Turbine Marine ~ Turbines Done Right

John Arruda of Turbine Marine takes a completely different approach to installing turbines in marine applications.

Extreme Boats Magazine: Fast Times – Setting Records with AMF & Ken Warby

KEN WARBY – World’s Water Speed Record Holder – for 27 Years!

Extreme Boats Magazine: A Thank You from John B Haggin / AMF

“To all those who contributed to make AMF Offshore Racing a success!” ~ John Haggin / AMF

Powerboat Magazine Spotlight: Hotshots 12.05

The Lake Rescue Shootout has grown into the Nation’s premier performance-boating event.

Toronto Offshore Magazine: OSS Race Team Spotlight – Throttleman Scott Begovich

Meet Scott Begovich, throttleman for AMF’s Platinum Princess.

Extreme Boats Magazine: Cresent City Kilo Run

Travel to a calm and peaceful place – in the heart of Central Florida – where moss hangs from ancient oaks. Worlds away from the drama and frenzy of South Florida…until AMF Racing comes to town!

Powerboat Magazine: Tale of the Turbine

Marc Granet climbed out of the AMF/Platinum Princess feeling like he had just taken a ride in the stratosphere.

Poker Runs America Magazine: Ready to Run

Crescent City Power Boat Run for Records

Powerboat Magazine: Time Out with John Arruda

Had everything gone to plan, John Arruda would be flying jets high above the water rather than building and installing exotic turbine engines for boats that scream across it.

Poker Runs America Magazine: United We Race

On A Mission: John Haggin in a quest to unite offshore racing as a major worldwide motorsport.

Extreme Boats Magazine: Theme Boats Are the Next Big Thing

Read an interview with Trond Schau and John Arruda about the new 50′ Nor-Tech called Aqua Doll.

Miss GEICO: Making history at St. Claire

AMF/Miss GEICO brings home a huge win in the fastest race in offshore history!

Miss GEICO: Turbines on The Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel’s show Build It Bigger to feature Turbine Powered Engines

Miss GEICO Set to Bring Summer to a Screeching Halt with a Powerful Power Boat Race in Point Pleasant this Weekend

The AMF/Miss GEICO turbine powered boat will continue to revolutionize racing this weekend off the Jersey Shore.

Miss GEICO Breaks World Record with Four Offshore Racing World Championships

Queen of the water! AMF/Miss GEICO’s trophy case now displays championship cups.

Miss Geico breaks Annapolis to Baltimore record

John Arruda, President of Turbine Marine, is interviewed by Extreme Boats Magazine!

Powerboat Magazine: Turbines Going Strong!

Turbine Marine is mentioned as an Industry Leader!

Extreme Boats Magazine: Engine & Performance Showcase

John Arruda, President of Turbine Marine, is interviewed by Extreme Boats Magazine!

Turbine Power for performance boats now has insurance options in the US
We are taking orders for this newly designed 52′ MTI

Call us for details!

Special thanks to our fan in Germany, who made this amazing replica of our boat!

Thank you, Christian!

Congratulations to Team Semper Fi for winning the 22nd Annual New York Grand Prix

Tribute to 9/11 race!

Another Victory for Team Semper Fi in the Solomons Offshore Grand Prix!

Another victory for team Semper Fi! Congratulations on winning the 2012 Solomons Offshore Grand Prix! Come and see Semper Fi racing again in Clearwater, Florida on Sept. 30th!

OPA races are back on television!

Watch the action from the 2012 AMSOIL Offshore Powerboat Series starting Wednesday, Oct 17 at 5pm EST on the Fox Sports Network!

Congratulations Team Semper Fi!

Congratulations to team Semper Fi for winning the 4th Annual Bright House Clearwater Super Boat National Championship!

Congratulations Team Aqua Mania!

Big win in Jupiter, FL!