Turbine Power Solutions

By Turbine Marine, Inc.

Turbine Power Solutions by Turbine Marine, Inc specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of turbine-powered generators of one, three and five megawatts that are the smallest, lightest and most portable generators for their power on the market today.

A number of other applications for the industrial market, including turbine-powered fire and water pumps, turbine-powered pumps and AC/DC range extenders are also manufactured by Turbine Marine.

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TURBINE POWER SOLUTIONS BY TURBINE MARINE, INC specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of 1MW, 3MW and 5MW Turbine Powered Generators.

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Our turbine powered applications include High-Volume Fire and Water Pumps and AC / DC Range Extenders.

First in the world with Built-In Air-Lift Rigging and ISO Container-Ready options. Liquid or CNG Gas

Customization is our specialty.

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Our Technology

Using technology developed by our many years of powering turbine race and pleasure boats, Turbine Marine is known for customization to meet client demand, fast delivery and competitive prices, made possible by the use of re-manufactured Lycoming engines.